Shun Uchida

Shun Uchida
Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Shun Uchida joined our Geotechnical Group in 2014 as Assistant Professor. He completed his undergraduate study at Waseda University, Japan, in 2006. He received MPhil (2008) and PhD (2013) at Cambridge University, UK, followed by postdoctoral research at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. His expertise is geotechnical numerical analysis, especially in the fields of multiphysics problems such as energy geotechnics, computational geomechanics and environmental geotechnics. His current research interests are geomechanical behavior of methane hydrate-bearing sediments, seismic-induced submarine landslides and thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical modeling of contaminant barrier system.


PhD and MPhil in Engineering, University of Cambridge (UK), B.Eng in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Waseda University (Japan)