Civil and Environmental Engineering

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RPI ASCE Student Group Wows Alumni with "Will you be the next George Ferris?" Exhibit

On Saturday October 22, RPI hosted its Alumni and Reunion Week-end with hundreds of Alumni visiting their alma mater. Many brought their spouses as well as children and grandchildren. As a result, there was a Fanfest leading up to the Football game with a dozen tents outside the stadium. The ASCE student chapter of RPI hosted one such tent where we displayed our motorized Ferris wheel and Poster symbolizing, "Will you be the next George Ferris?" The event took place between 10 am and 4 pm and in that time frame, there must have over 300 visitors ranging from age 3 to 90. It was a great opportunity for the ASCE officers to talk with the alumni and share their experiences at RPI. Many Alumni had humorous stories and were very interested to know in what direction the school of Civil and Environmental Engineering was heading. It was also great to show off the Ferris wheel to the little children as many were amazed at its size. The six foot tall Ferris wheel was constructed by several Civil and Environmental Engineering students over the course of two weeks. It has traveled to many locations around campus with the ASCE student group to help promote awareness so the history of Civil Engineering Field and the Ferris wheel is an excellent representation of the connection between academics and amusement.